My full name is Chantal van der Meij, but people known and call me by my second name, Chanti for the sake of ease. I was born in 1980 in Jakarta (Indonesia), but grew up in the Netherlands. Though I´m influenced by the Western society, my heart belongs to the esoteric world of the East.

I´m a yoga teacher, massage therapist and a passionate dancer. This with a curious mind who loves travelling and nature and has an appetite for the unknown. 

In my daily life I have secret lovers as Writing, Art, Music and Surf. We are surfers of sort (sometimes surfing literally in the ocean like me), but most often surfing the current of our life and all that flows with it. 

I´ve discovered that it´s exponentially more fun to share it with others and to be surrounded by people who inspire us. That´s what keeps me going. And so I have been graced with incredible experiences with teachers guides, family and friends who keep my eyes open to the limitless potential and love that surround us.

With love, grace and gratitude,