I was born in Indonesia though raised in the Netherlands. From the age of sixteen and after I traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and Africa and lived for two years in Morocco. I love to travel and have a deep appreciation for nature with a healthy appetite for the unknown.

To do so I am using my vision as a nomad, seeking out and collaborating through 5 elements: yoga, art, writing, travels and surf. We are all surfers of sort, sometimes surfing literally in the ocean like me, but most often surfing the current of life and all that flows with it.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer. This emotional and natural experience changed my view on life. I realized more how precious the physical body is and how fragile we still are as human beings. I also realized that nothing is guaranteed even when you live healthily and enjoy life fully. My own yoga and meditation practice were great tools to keep me in form both physically and mentally.

Currently I am back in the Netherlands; living in this dynamic and vibrant city of Amsterdam. I´ve discovered that it´s actually more fun to share it with others and to be surrounded by people who inspire us. That´s what keeps me going. And so I have been graced with incredible experiences with teachers guides, family and friends who keep my eyes open to the limitless potential and love that surround us.

With love, grace & gratitude,