Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures.

Touching is a natural human reaction for conveying compassion and support. In our modern lifestyles with stress, chronic diseases and injuries a "santai" becomes more and more appealing.

Santai means "relaxation" in Indonesian and I believe this is the true way to reach a personal sense of wellness. Santai means to me 'the art of giving'.


* Please contact me for prices; if my fees are outside of your financial means, please let me know and discuss what you can reasonably afford. 


Balinese Massage

Experience this deep relaxation body massage with hot ayurvedic essential oil. A variety of essential oils are used, such as jasmine, ginger, rose or sandalwood to cure a specific ailment.

"Her touching is a true gift"
- Lins Vanhauwaert, Yoga teacher and Health Coach ´Flow with lins´ - Ubud (Indonesia)

"Long live her warm loving hands! Small yet powerful strong" 
- Stije Hallema, Musician ´Steye and the Bizonkids´  - Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

"Chanti is an amazing pro with a great knowledge of the human body allowing for a complete regeneration through her magic hands"
- Briac Dessertenne , Area Manager Wines & Spirits - Casablanca (Morocco)

Surfing Massage

Relax after your travels, rejuvenate your tense surfing muscles: soothe aches and stiffness. Long relaxing strokes are combined with pressure work on specific areas of tension.

"Fantastic way to recuperate after surfing. Chanti is excellent at reading a persons body"
- Richard Claughton, Lawyer- London (United Kingdom)

"I´m very thankful to Chanti for the regular massages I had which helped me to release the tension in muscles after intense surfing and teaching yoga everyday. It is truly an hour of meditation and complete relax!
- Anastasia Goreva, Yoga teacher and Graphic Designer at - Lagos (Portugal)

"Chanti´s massage worked magic into my tired muscles. After 8 straight days of surfing I didn´t think I could continue but her amazing and professional service made me feel I could do 10 more"

- John Munday, Advertising Operations Executive - London (United Kingdom)